Monday, October 8, 2007

McDonalds at 1.30am (You've gotta be kidding)

Superhero W has been yearning to eat his early morning McD sahur meal for a long long long time. Superhero S in the meantime has also kept the coupons for the buddy meal for a long long time in her purse. (Her coupons were turning "fat mou" or berkulat already if still haven't use)

So at 1.30am on an early Sunday morning, they've finally managed to stay awake (Superhero S sleeps rather early most of the times) to feed their naughty desire for McD's Buddy Meal and drove to Dataran Pahlawan for one of Malacca's very few 24 hour McD outlets. Clad in only pyjamas, Superhero S sits dizzily (not enuff sleep) yet excitedly in her car while Superhero W ordered his buddy meal which consists of one McChicken, one pack of 6-piece Chicken McNuggets, 2 large Cokes, and a large French Fries. (Oh man, that's a lot of food when your stomach isn't exactly active & awake)

Drove back home and the two superheroes bravely munched away all the calories in the wee hours of Sunday morning and ended up with extremely full stomaches. (Since going back to Malacca, Superhero S has been consistently sh*tting everyday because she's been eating way too much! Just gotta mention this la..because for the past few days, she's been suffering from constipation! haha *blushing)

Finally, mission accomplished! The two superheroes have successfully conquered the Buddy meal at McDonald's! Hooray!!!!!


L'abeille said...

Wah! I really really wonder how superheroes looked like wearing pajamas hahaha..

twosuperheroes said... la..superheroes are modest people..they just wear their baby suits for pyjamas.Saves time ma when saving people. No need to change clothes.