Monday, October 8, 2007

Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic ( 4 - 0 )

Last weekend when both superheroes were back home in Malacca, I watched the match between those 2 teams. For United fans, it's a pleasure to see their team knock Wigan out with 4 goals without conceding any goal ( Kuszack was the goalkeeper ).

For me, watching my favorite team win that kind of match is the most happiest moment. Hahaha. It's been a while since United scored more than 2 goals, but last weekend they managed to score 4 goals from their attacking units ( lead by Tevez, Ronaldo (2) and Rooney ).

I wrote this post because before I have this blog, I would always search for any United or EPL match's highlights through the web. Sometimes it is very frustrating because I can't find any of them. So, as a fan of United and EPL, I will try to supply you guys with some highlights and links to the particular match for that weekend.. So, it's fair for those who missed the live match. Hope you guys will enjoy watching this United vs Wigan highlight. And also congratulations to Arsenal because this season we can once again watch their powerful side challenge the other top teams for the Premier League title..

Here's the match link highlight for Arsenal vs Sunderland :)

p/s : Can't wait to watch Arsenal vs United , I think it's going to be next month.. see ya..