Tuesday, October 30, 2007

FIFA 2008..Look at this stupid BUG !!

FIFA PC 2008 is the latest football game launched by EA Sports. Actually, I am a fan of this game. I've played it since FIFA 97 and a little bit of calculation show that it's been 11 years! So, as the FIFA PC 2007 made its curtain call last summer, I've been waiting for the latest version.

Last week, I finally managed to get hold of the game! (arhhhhhhh!!!!) I was eager to play the game ( you can ask Superhero S :) ) I started playing a few games feeling so happy! EA Sports has made this game more real than their last predecessors. They are concentrating on the Game Play and want to give more room for the users to control the game.

But, when it came to a game between Manchester United vs Arsenal, I spotted a bug...!! (what the *tut!) :D Well, you can see it from the image below ( click on the image to enlarge it )

There was only the goalkeeper in the field ( red dot ) ... but all the team players ( MU ) are somehow standing outside the field.. What the *tut! I was leading in the game at that time, so I decided to continue and tried to control my goalkeeper to avoid Arsenal from scoring. Phew! Thank goodness I made it through.. But the bug was gone after I made a substitution..

As a regular player for EA Sports FIFA PC game, I am quite disappointed but I hope the bug would remain out of sight so I can enjoy playing this latest version of the game.. (puh-leaseeeee!!!) :D


anthraxxxx said...

I heard Fifa 2008 is quite good compare to its predecessor. I gave up playing starting from Fifa 2003. Been a fan of Winning Eleven ever since despite the licensing issue.

twosuperheroes said...

Yup, I admit that the game play for fifa 2008 is better than the others.

But I feel fifa2008 want to follow Winning Eleven's gameplay.. It becomes harder to score because before this I always used 4 minutes per half time but rite now have to use 6 minutes but still little goal.

FIFA 2008 AI (Opponent) also become more logic because it will know how to defend so well. hehehe

p/s miss Winning Eleven too.. I used to play it when I was at University with my friends.. :D