Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spending the night in Geylang

I believe most of you would've known that the two superheroes flew to Singapore about a week ago along with a couple of their superhero buddies in a cute, little Savvy for a 3D 2N year end holiday... We were all soooo excited about the trip because it surely has been a while since our Kuching trip way back in January! *grins*

So this time around, the four of us decided to get all adventurous and end up driving to Singapore! YAY!!! So there's no buses, no flights... just a cute car (with a whole load of tolls to pay! *sweats*) We started off our journey at 5 a.m., all with sleepy faces and droopy eyes in hope of arriving at the Lion City early in the morning... and so WE DID!!

Just as how we kicked off our Kuching trip, we each downed a McDonald's Sausage McMuffin Meal, and we actually arrived Tuas just after a short 3 hours drive! Oh man... I didn't remember Singapore to be soooo near??! Driver decided to use the Second Link to avoid the traffic from the usual Causeway and it turned out to be a brilliant choice. Traffic was sparse, maybe because it's still early and maybe because of the more expensive toll... *more sweats*

Once we're over from the Singapore Customs, Driver's sidekick-cum-girlfriend finally switched on their GPS to show us our way to our first destination in Singapore : Ang Mo Kio...

It's really cool how the GPS functions... and since it's the two superheroes' first time seeing how a GPS works, we were all so curious and very very intrigued by the gadget's brilliance. It will actually beep to tell you that you've exceeded the speed limit, and there's also this voice telling us to turn left, turn right, 500m to destination... bla bla bla.... Haha. :p

More about Ang Mo Kio in our next post, but let's all fast forward straight to our first night in Singapore. No prizes for guessing where the two superheroes and their two buddies spent their first night since it's already all over our title! Haha.. Yup, you got it!


GEYLANG!!! YAY....!!!

No offense to Singaporeans or anyone, ok? But Geylang is such an amazingly INTERESTING place in Singapore. Oh yeah... You bet our Superhero W and Driver enjoyed their night in Hotel 81 Lucky in Geylang! Hahahahhahahaha........

No thanks to a miscommunication/misunderstanding between Driver's DAD who did the hotel booking, all four of us ended up in Singapore's infamous red light district. Yeah... got LOTS of red lights over here! *wink wink*

The sex workers here are a diligent lot, working from morning till the next morning! They'll place a nice, comfy plastic chair by the side of the road and start blowing kisses to every male that passes them by. Complete with a cocktail dress and super heavy mask... oops...make-up, they are all ready to kill the males with their sex-y look... Such an eye-opener!

The legendary hotel...

Superhero S totally freaked out, along with Driver's cute girlfriend because everyone kinda looked at us in that kind of staring-head-to-toe look that made us crazily uncomfortable. And oh yeah, the hotels here are by hourly rate! Parking is HORRIBLE, but all you need to do is to wait at the car park area for a little while, and you will see plenty of (horny/needy) old men with their 20 year old galpal companion walking out from the hotel. Finished their business already mah!

And don't play play, most of the sex-craved old men drive at least a Mercedes! WOW... And after a quick room inspection by Superhero W and Driver, they both reluctantly gave the place a dim green light to go since Driver's Dad has already made full (unrefundable) payment. But we immediately cancelled our next night there. So we were in Geylang, for ONE NIGHT ONLY! Haha.... :p

Well, the room wasn't too bad, if not for the VERY frequent room cleaning right next to our room! The occupants seem to change every 2 hours, if you understand what I mean... And if not for the tiny wet blood stain (gasp!) on a hidden part of the white cotton blanket cover which was very VERY disturbing! Immediately called in the room cleaners to give us a new sheet, but we all slept like a stiff log that night, not daring to move even an inch due to the immense discomfort, partly to blame on our wild imaginations! Haha.. :p

But what a great start to our trip! Haha... More, NEXT!!

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jelly said... paku gelang...

u stayed in hotel 81? i stayed in one of the hotel 81's rather...errrr.r...wouldnt return there next time

twosuperheroes said... stayed in one of those hotel 81(s) too??? OMG..same here! First and last time... :p

foongpc said...

Oh, so you superheroes went to stay in Hotel 81! Haha! Must be quite an experience! So did you hear any noise from your the activity next door to your room? LOL!

Yucks! The blood stains on the blanket cover is disturbing indeed! : )

twosuperheroes said...

oh yeah, foong! You bet it was QUITE an experience! Haha... :p

Tekkaus said...

Blood stain? What could it be? A murder case? or...nah...not going to talk about it. LOL =)

twosuperheroes said...

Hahah...oh man... let's not go into THAT! :p