Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Chatterbox at Bangsar Village

One fine afternoon, Superhero S' cutesy and oh-so-sweet friend, Debbie decided to fly over to Bangsar Village for a wonderful makan-makan session! After walking around the complex hunting for what's going to be our lunch, Debbie suggested that we head over to Chatterbox because she has heard much about the restaurant and has been wanting to try out the foodie there. No objections as the full crowd in the cosy corner lot restaurant certainly speaks volume about the food here! Haha. :p

We found a nice seat somewhere near a corner, and took a quick browse over at the menu. The menu lists a wide range of food varieties, typical of those Hong Kong restaurants - all the way from simple toasts, cheese-baked rice, right through to little munchies such as fried dumplings! *drooling...*

After working really hard to narrow down our choices (everything just seems so delicious!!), Superhero S finally settled for their Fried Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken Chop while Debbie went for their XO Fried Rice with Seafood. I would've loved to include the pricing for both items as well but...sadly, my brain has limited capacity in the short term memory compartment. *blushing* But most food fall within a reasonable range, from RM5 to RM20 if I'm not mistaken.

We decided to go light on our drinks and ordered 2 hot Chinese Tea. These days, I've been going into a craze over hot Chinese Tea. Haha. I seem to wanna drink it with everything else! And our food arrived soonafter...

My Fried Spaghetti with Black Pepper Chicken looked really really inviting indeed! OH.... I hadn't expect the spaghetti to be fried in black pepper sauce as well! And the looks turned out to be oh-so-true! Beautifully fried with just enough sauce, and with such a big big portion to it...this is really value for money...!!

Debbie's XO Fried Rice with Seafood was no disappointment either. I took a mouthful off the huge plate of rice and it was fantastic! There were also big prawns in accompaniment with the rice, and the rice is truly very fragrant. Loved it! :p

Debbie apparently loves snacks very much, so much so that she decided to call for their Fried Wantons with came in a set of 6! The wantons were considerably huge in size, and it's filled with loads of minced porky and prawns! The dip sauce is already rather special, being more like the thousand island sauce. Haha. Sounds strange, but when combined, they go really well together with the crunchy skin of the wanton absolutely delightful!

In fact, we loved the foodie there so much, both of us decided to make a second trip there the very next day! Haha. Yeah...we are a little crazy up there. *grins*
Since Superhero S had already taken a pretty heavy breakfast of Chee Cheong Fun, bought from the Lucky Garden morning wet market (Yes, the same place where I bought my much loved nasi lemak), I decided to just go for their French Toast.

Check out the nice big jar of honey that came along with my toast! Oh, they are just soooooo generous!! Most of the time, the other restaurants would only give a tiny bit portion of the honey and you would have to request for more. I literally flooded my toast later on with the oh-so-sweet honey because I love honey!! Haha.. :p

Debbie, on the other hand, went for their Baked Cheese Rice, which turned out to be delightfully delicious as well. However, the portion of the rice sure wasn't as big as her XO Fried Rice she had the day before. The Baked Cheese Rice actually came with a nice little bowl of soup, which I had forgotten to take a picture of. Haha.

The best thing was, we didn't know that the owner of the restaurant is actually one of Debbie's friends! And she happened to be there on our first occasion there and quietly paid off our meal before we could even shout, "BILL, please!" Haha. Thank you so much for the wonderful meal!

All in all, this is certainly one of the better places to eat around Bangsar with it's affordable pricing, delicious cookings and nice, comfy ambience! Will certainly be back for more with Superhero W. Haha. :p


ParisB said...

I was just there last week! :) I sometimes go for the set meal in the evenings. Its quite worth it and portions are pretty decent. Been too lazy to review it LOL... Glad you did :)

twosuperheroes said...

oh my, paris! Haha..Yeah, love their serving size and taste! Great place to hang out for a chat as well... :p

ybother said...

...submitted as a review to chatterbox-bangsar-village

twosuperheroes said...

oh...ahh..thanks, ybother! *grins*

foongpc said...

Oh my, oh my, look at those delicious food!! You've won me over with those photos! The fried rice looks so yummy with those huge prawns - my favourite! Wow! I've never tasted wan tan dip in thousand island sauce. Definitely must try, this! How come I still feel hungry? I've just eaten 20 minutes ago! : )

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..yes, foong..The fried rice is indeed super delicious!! *grins*

jelly said...

the food looks better than i expected. is it anything like wongkok or..watever?

twosuperheroes said...

Well..jelly, I think it fares much better than Wong Kok.. But it's still just a personal preference! Haha.. :p

Maybe you can give this place a try and let us know what you think!

JenJen's Place said...

yummy! I think there is a chatterbox in 1U as well? Dun remember seeing so many yummy food on their menu. Perhaps I shud try again with my colleagues! DROOL!

Tekkaus said...

You guys really have a deep pocket to makan so much huh! I like the wantan-looking muchies. Ha =)

twosuperheroes said...

Yah..there's one outlet there as well, Jen! Haha... go try out their other items on the menu! :p

No lah, Tekkaus..no deep pockets here..just a little treat once in a while! *grins*