Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Superhero Mum!

Today, the 5th of September marks the birth of a very very special woman in the two superheroes' lives. She is and will forever remain as the greatest mum in Superhero S' heart and with this, we're really glad we could celebrate her birthday with the entire Superhero clan just a few days ago.

Superhero Mum, here's wishing you, many many more birthdays to come, stay healthy, may you be happy always and not have to worry for even another day about anything at all. Because the entire Superhero clan (including Superhero W!) have got it all covered for you! Haha.


Superhero Mum grinning away at the surprise birthday mini-celebration! No age revealed here, because there's only 1 candle! Haha. Well, as for her birthday dinner, we celebrated it at the delightful Auntie Lee Nyonya Restaurant just a stone's throw away. *grins*

For the cake, we decided to buy a super yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with little cartoon figurines. That should be a good change from the usual Secret Recipe cakes that are all too serious (not to mention, pricey!) That's Spidey staring at the little portion of the cake that's left... Haha. :p

Initially wanted to try making Chef Y's Tiramisu for Superhero Mum's birthday but unfortunately ran out of time! Since I'm not quite familiar with baking just yet, better stick to buying cakes from cake houses first. Haha. *blushing*

Maybe next time eh? :p


babe_kl said...

oooo Happy Burpday Auntie Superhero!!!

gosh i want dat spidey, so cute. plastic figurines ka?

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...thanks babe! Will convey your wishes to my Superhero Mum.. :p

Yeah yeah...the cute spidey is a plastic figurine..with green underwear and he's riding on a skateboard! Haha..

Tekkaus said...

Happy Birthday Aunty! Receive lotsof present? Where's mine? Haha =) Did spidey ate the lion's share of the cake? Did your mom commented on Spidey? ha =)

By the way, Secret Recipe is really pricey huh!

Spend more times with your mum. Cherish her and treasure her....why out of the sudden I'm giving sermon???

Ha =)

cc said...

Happy belated birthday to your mama. :D
Cute cake!

twosuperheroes said...

Thanks a million, Tekkaus and cc! Will convey both your wishes to my Superhero Mum as well... Haha.. :p

QuaChee said...

like the deco cake. happy belated bday to auntie superhero :)

twosuperheroes said...

Thanks, QuaChee! We deliberately bought a kiddish cake just to remind ourselves that we're all still very young at heart! Haha. :p