Monday, August 18, 2008

Restoran Kembangan Paradise at Seri Kembangan

Since the day Superhero S actually started diversifying her talents (ahem...) into cooking, the two superheroes found their interest in dining over in Malay foodie restaurants slowly dwindling. Oh well, the portion of home-cooked food always seems to win me over you see. For the price that we're going to fork out when dining out, I'd prefer to cook the same dishes for the same price (if not lower) but with a portion to feed a family of superheroes! Haha. :p

However, sometime ago, while the two superheroes were in the Seri Kembangan area, we returned to one of the restaurants we used to frequent during the times when Superhero S was still staying there. Restoran Kembangan Paradise at Seri Kembangan had been one of our old favourites because they serve the best keropok lekor around. Not sure about now though, because on the day we went, the shop was closed and only the main restaurant was open.

Nicely decorated with little lights creating a bright outlined silhouette in the dark, this restaurant is built with a kampung style theme, complete with straw attap roof and "walls". With the ability to accommodate a whole lot of diners, it's no wonder this place strikes as a favourite among the people here.

We decided to order fried rice, and Superhero W ordered Nasi Goreng USA while Superhero S went for the Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit. Yes, this was the place that inspired my Ayam Masak Kunyit just a few posts back. It was after this visit that I decided to try my hands at the chicky dish, with consultation from Superhero W. Haha.

Here are our drinks, Iced Nescafe for Superhero W... and plain ol' Teh 'o' Ais Limau for Superhero S. Sorry for the poor picture quality that you're going to experience throughout this post. The place here seem to be enveloped with yellow lighting which makes my... ahem... camera phone very difficult to use. *blushing*

The foodie finally arrived, and here's the Nasi Goreng USA..

...and the Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit

As an additional order, we decided to ask for their Tom Yam Cendawan just for a little kick! Haha.

And what a kick it turned out to be... Super spicy with tons of abalone mushrooms, just too bad that the soup wasn't thick enough to bring out the real ooOMph! But it's still a pretty good tom yam to go with our fried rice. *grins*

Both fried rice was good, though as expected, the serving for the dishes weren't particularly impressive. The meat portion was little (probably due to the fact that I usually serve up a big big portion at home) but the fried rice was really tasty. Simple chinese fried rice with bits of mixed vegetables but very flavourful. Man, how to these people do it?? How come my fried rice never turn out like this? Haha. :p

But anyhow, the bill came close to RM20, but this is probably going to be a once in a blue moon affair as I still prefer home-cooking to dining out on regular Malay foodie. But it's still a refreshing change, and the food still maintained its standards here. It's still worth a visit... or two! :p