Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pandan Flavoured Mantou with Chicken Curry

While grocery shopping at Tesco the other day, the two superheroes decided to pick up this interesting item which hasn't made onto their menu just yet. Superhero S, upon recalling how Superhero Mom used to cook chicken curry as a dip dip for the super delicious mantou, decided to pick up the Pandan Flavoured one. C'mon, it's either the plain one, the chocolate one or this! Haha.

And so, we happily brought home our mantou which came in a pack of eight. It was frozen rock solid (what'd I expect? It's frozen food what?! Haha) and I decided to speed things up by immediately putting it into my traditional "steamer"... *grins*

Steam for 10-15 minutes and my mantou has now transformed to become hot, hot steaming pandan mantous! Smells terrific with the pandan flavour totally filling up the room. Ahhh.......!

Oh, at the same time, while waiting for the mantous to steam, I was already halfway into cooking my curry chicken. Decided to use those ready-packed curry formulas to save time since the both of us were in hungry mode already! Haha.

And it's all done... a plate of hot, fluffy mantou with 2 bowls of thick chicken curry - one for Superhero W, one for me! That way, we don't have to fight for the curry and the chicken. :p

Tore out a small piece of the mantou, and proceed to dip dip in the hot hot chicken curry. Super kick I tell you... Haha. Hot mantou, combined with hot and spicy curry. Definitely one of the best alternative meals besides the usual rice and fried noodles. And we couldn't even finish up the eight mantous, to think that they are actually quite small in size, or so we initially thought!

In the end, we had 2 mantous to spare as we could only manage 3 mantous per person. Haha. But it was a very filling meal indeed. Not to mention, very satisfying as well! Oh, let's do it again! Haha. :p


dcyk said...

ooo, nice nice, i wanna try also but most prob i will be using plain man tous :P

foongpc said...

I've eaten mantou at restaurants but never buy from Tesco before. The ones I bought which I liked a lot is from the Juvenesence organic shop (not sure if I got the name right) in SS2 near KFC.
I also like the mantou when dip into the sauce while eating crabs at Mei Chi Xuan restaurant in Damansara Perdana.

Ms. _______ 2 be ! said...

Oh I haven't have mantou in such a long time. I remember eating them with ham and cheese...hahahaha

twosuperheroes said...

Hi dcyk...sure! Try then let us know if you like it or not yeah... Haha. :p

Wow..foongpc, mantou dipped into crab sauce sounds delicious!

Ms.____ 2be!, ham and cheese sounds wonderful! Hmm..maybe we should try that the next time too eh? Haha. :p