Monday, May 12, 2008

A little Fishy Porridge and Meiji Hello Panda

A couple of weeks ago when Superhero S wasn't feeling well, nothing beats a little Fishy Porridge to get the body up and running again. Well, since she wasn't in a condition to cook, and since there weren't any fishy bits in the fridge, she went for a lunch date instead with her sister Winnie at Tasty Recipe Restaurant.

Yeah...remember Tasty Recipe? It's the one located at Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road. Since there weren't many foodie choices for a sick person (no heaty food, no fry fry, not spicy food, etc.!) the only thing that fits best on the menu is their Fishy Porridge. No objections. Haha. I have this fetish for porridge! :p

Winnie ordered their Seaweed Fish Paste Rice Noodles, which I had ordered previously, which came in such a large portion that it truly frightened me for good. I couldn't make myself to order it anymore... Haha. Nah... just kidding! *wink wink*

OH and here comes my Fishy Porridge!

The Fishy Porridge actually came in the same size as Winnie's Fish Paste Rice Noodles... I seriously thought I couldn't finish it. But somehow, after a lot of talking, and all the time feeding myself bit by bit, I actually finished the porridge! Am I getting fatter or something? Haha. :p

Very delicious. Simple fishy porridge, but I like it. And they were really really generous with the fishy bits too. There were lots of them! Nice....

Oh, and not forgetting, after the meal, Superhero W came by and we flew to the nearest convenience store to get...

...Meiji Hello Panda!! Haha. Okay. It looks a little kiddish, but what the heck! Haha. It's yummy... And here's Superhero S opening up the wrapper.

Look at the cutie Hello Panda biscuits...

We chose the strawberry flavour because Superhero S loves strawberry. And besides, it's best not to take chocolate. Heaty mah... *grins*

OH I love Hello Panda!! *blushing*