Tuesday, March 11, 2008

(updated) McDonald's Spicy Chicken Wrap, so hot hot HOT!

Well if you haven't heard about it, then you should read this.

The two superheroes, as a promise to our tummies, flew to the McDonald's beside Technology Park after the Sungai Besi Highway to grab our McDonald's breakfast! Okay, Technology Park wasn't our very first choice. The outlet in Kuchai Lama is far closer to us but since it was voting day on last Saturday, the roads were jammed. So we gotta make a big detour to Besraya Highway and ended up making a long-winded route back onto the Sungai Besi Highway.

We arrived there at 10.55 am. No kidding. Our hearts went like "dub dap dub dap" because we were sooooo nervous that after making that long detour, we couldn't make it on time. Thank goodness we did! Haha. :p

So we ordered 1 Sausage McMuffin with Egg Set and since we used the coupon as well, we got a FREE Sausage McMuffin!! And as a bonus, we ordered our add-on item, Spicy Chicken Wrap! Muahahahahaaaaa..... *drools!*

We've been wanting to compare this Chicky Wrap with the KFC Egg Wrap that we've tasted earlier on. The KFC Wrap as it seems is a much healthier alternative to the Chicky Wrap because it doesn't have the sinfully delicious fried chicky nugget sandwiched in between the wrap!

McDonald's Spicy Chicken Wrap

KFC Egg Wrap


The feel of biting into the hot Chicky Wrap is absolutely.... MMmmmMmm...

At only RM4, it felt sooooo much more filling than the Egg Wrap. Pretty much the same ingredients used - the tortilla, lettuce and mayonnaise. Only difference is that the Chicky Wrap doesn't have cheese and of course, the Egg. Haha...

But the thick chicky nugget is really enough to compensate for the loss. And it's really quite spicy and fiery! Especially when it's steaming hot. :p

Oh, and even McDonald's have improved on their coffee. Now they use 100% arabica beans it seems and the packaging has changed too! Though I still preferred the KFC ultra super cool packaging for their cup because McD is still using polystyrene. *sigh*

And the whole meal only cost us about RM 12!! So cheap... and satisfying...! Haha. :p

P/S: *updated* Actually we forget to tell you guys that the Spicy Chicken Wrap is available only after 11 am in most McD outlets. Not every outlet has the Chicky Wrap in their menu for breakfast. So thought we should tell this because poor L'abeille went over to McD looking for the wrap during breakfast and got disappointed because no wrap wrap available just yet. Sorry har, auntie L'abeille! :p


L'abeille said...

OMG..you've just made me wanna run to McD tomorrow.. first thing in the morning!

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..run L'abeille... RUN!! :p