Thursday, February 21, 2008

Don't play play...faster book your AirAsia tickets now!

Yes. I know it's still early and you can still taste the chicken rendang from Hari Raya 2007.

But...but.. it's been a while that I have not been back to my hometown. Really missed my bed..! Hahhaa.. Yeap. Working and living in KL's fast-paced environment sure makes me want to fly home to my bed and sleep till my mum cooks dinner! :p

Well, I am sure many have already heard about the AirAsia Grand Sale ( ticket price starting from RM0.05 -- ei, don't play play, 5 cents you know!!). So, although the Hari Raya holidays is around 8 months from now, but for AirAsia tickets, there is no such thing as "Aiya..still early. Tomorrow only book lah!". Because their price will increase day-by-day. ( Price is based on seats )

I bought my precious tickets already (to and fro). But it still costs me around RM350! But Superhero S said that it's okay least I can go home for 5 days. And then, I just found out that AirAsia has introduced a new feature where you can buy/pay first for your onboard meal. A creative way to tie their passengers' stomach ( and give 10% discount some more - okay laaaa )

But for me, based on my past experience travelling, I will sleep all the way until I reach the destination.. hahhaa.. But aiyo, never mind lah. New thing must try mah. And so, I bought an Asian Meal for the trip back home and a Western Meal for the return flight. Hahaha. Greedy eh?! :p

Like AirAsia always says, "Now Everyone Can Fly" :)
So let's fly together now....! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........ :D

*This post is written by Superhero W*


CY said...

Superhero W can't fly? :P

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..CY, Superhero W can only fly short distance one...where got enough stamina to fly across the South China Sea!?! Haha.. :p