Friday, February 15, 2008

10,000 hits. We made it.

4 months and 21 days.

10,000 hits.

Thank you everybody as this really means a lot to the both of us superheroes.

Over the short period of 4 months+, we have learnt a lot from our fellow bloggers as well as from our readers. From our first post in late September 2007 to our meeting up with our super blogger friend, Dreckker who took the time to take us around for a nice tour in Kuching, all the way to this post today, we have made many many friends in this beautiful blogging world.

We will continue to write more amazing tales of the two superheroes and explore the wide wide world outdoors to bring our fellow bloggers and readers only the best. This, we promise. Thank you once again! :)

We made it this far. But the road is still long and winding up ahead. But the two superheroes are thankful that they have people like you to walk down the road with. *smiles*


Kimberlycun said...

congratulations :) many more hits to come!

Steve Yu said...

Congrat! So when do you expect to hit 100,000 visits? I just hit 5,000 visits today.... still a long road to walk. :-)

Anonymous said...

cool! That's great .. 10k and more to come .. cheers to the superheroes!!!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey kimberlycun, thanks...we hope so too! haha.. :p

Hi steve, wah...100,000 hits eh..haha..*sweats*. Hey, congrats to you on your achievement too! :p

Yo cibol, yeah..10k and more to come! Hehe..thanks yeah...appreciate you cheering us on! :p

Quickening said...

Wow, banyaknya! How will you celebrate? :D
Oh wait. Don't answer that. :P

Congratulations! This shows that even travelling on the information-superhighway, people tend to get hungry (hehehe!).

dreckker said...

wahh... 4 months and your page hit higher than mine liaw... :((

twosuperheroes said...

Hey quickening, thanks!! Mana ada celebrate apa2..hehe.. wait till we hit 100k first ok??!! Haha. :p

Hey dreckker, no lah...haha..we are lucky to have good friends like you who drop by frequently to read our blog mah.... :p

hcfoo said...

Congratulations on your 10k hits!

Johnny Ong said...

u are doin very well indeed, keep it up

twosuperheroes said...

hey hcfoo and johnny, thanks...appreciate it lots! :p