Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kenny Rogers Roasters vs Two Superheroes

"Got TGI RM100 voucher don't want to eat...want to buka pesta at Kenny Rogers pulak!"
Haha..wait-lah the TGI...

It's time for some roasted chicky!

We were on a roll last weekend, feasted on one good meal after another.
The two superheroes had Kenny Rogers @ MidValley and we ordered, here we go...

2 sets of Black Pepper Quarter's Meal and 1 set of Mac & cheese with chicky slices

All in all,

3 muffins - banana, vanilla & chocolate

2 quarter chickys that are so small they seem underfed!

2 side dish coleslaw

2 side dish mac & cheese

2 side dish potatoes

1 big plate of mac & cheese with more chickys

OH...cannot handle!

Haha..we left Kenny Rogers feeling too full with muffin leftovers hanging at the corner of Superhero S's mouth! Hehe... :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

was the food as good as it looks?? i had kenny's only once and it was when they first opened in malaysia. Somehow, it never caught on with my friends, so it is still KFC, McD and Pizza Hut for far as fast food joints are concerned lah.

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..yeah Y! The food's really good actually...just look at how 'banjir' our mac & cheese were! hehe..yum yum.. :p

BTW, you eat Pizza Hut ar? Why not Domino's??? It's soooo much better..

JASON said...

oouuhc, my fav