Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sexy SHOW GIRLS at car shows...

Well, it got me wondering abt this when I was eating my dinner last nite and I saw this newspaper article about sexy show girls at car shows.

The article included pictures of skimpily-clad girls twisting and turning their slender, sexy body at various poses next to shiny, brand new sport cars, all the time pouting or biting their lips (why not just start licking their lips? that would be more naughty!).

But WHY??? Tell me why??!!

What must there be show girls or even those GT babes (Japan race queens) around those cars??

Must be because those interested in cars and race shows are such testosterone-charged objects that they need girls with their estrogen to balance the hormones!

<--- Image censored by Superhero W

They make really good eye candy because according to a certain Superhero W, even if the car looks so bad, but the babe hugging the car is just so sexy and deserves a spank, guys would still see the car just for the babe...Hmmph..tell me abt it! Tsk tsk tsk...

Vroom... vroom... vroom...


Josh said...

It is a very good question, although (I must admit) I was somewhat distracted (attracted) by the word "SEXY SHOW GIRLS".

And because of that I really think we men (I do speak for all men, ahem) have generally eyes for toys and gals. And if they are in car shows it is a bonus.

Yes, some women do abhor this "exploitation" likening it to a "meat" display. But generally, if they aren't complete nude (then it wont be sexy anymore), I dont see many of these models are embarrassed at all at this "exploitation". In fact it is a job for them.

Okay, I haven't really answered the question.

The answer to why sexy show girls are employed in car shows is generally the same answer why sexy girls are used on many ads. Woman are just so beautiful and men are ugly. Why choose Male models when Women are so much better!

I rest my case.

twosuperheroes said...

I draw the conclusion from your post, Josh, that "Woman are just so beautiful and men are ugly"!
Oh yeah..I like your answer... :p

footiam said...

I say, why cover up?

twosuperheroes said...

hahhaha.. wey.. cannot la if not cover up.. later on, people rate this blog 18SX.. ehhee.. nanti kena banned :p