Monday, November 5, 2007

Why I Like Nasi Lemak The Most

In Malaysia, when someone talks about Nasi Lemak, everyone will know. Some would say "oh, I like nasi lemak with chicken rendang" while others might say "oh, I prefer nasi lemak with big udang masak sambal (extra large spicy prawn)". So, every Malaysian has their way of eating the nasi lemak for their morning breakfast :D

"Nasi lemak - the ultimate Malaysian breakfast!" - Sigh.... :p

Just this early morning before I reached my undercover workplace, I ate a simple nasi lemak with lotsa ikan bilis (anchovies) inside :) Heheh. I learned this from Superhero S because she likes to eat ikan bilis. Although I'm not so hungry, but I can't miss any chance to start my day with a hot pack of nasi lemak! :D

In Kuala Lumpur, a lot of stalls open beside office buildings :D. So it's really easy for me to buy nasi lemak. Some of them, they focus on the rice itself (because in nasi lemak, the rice is cooked with santan *coconut milk) while others would make really good spicy sambal to bring out the real taste of the nasi lemak..

As I've been a fan of nasi lemak since I was 5 (back in Sabah, my mum cooks very very nice nasi lemak that I've been eating my whole life) , I can assure you that you can trust my judgement about nasi lemak.. hehehe (you can invite me to test ur nasi lemak too, FOC! :p )

The most important thing, I like the nasi to have more santan in it; meaning it will have more lemak (fat) which makes it all the more tastier! For sure sambal is important also but, I'd rather eat nasi lemak with not very good sambal rather than nasi putih (white rice) with great sambal.. And I prefer to eat nasi lemak with fried chicken - because I like chicken.. hehehe (KFC chicken also cannnnn :D )

~ Oh! brrpppp....!!!! Ahhhhh... Best! :p


SuperWeightKoalabear said...

try nasi lemak at village park restaurant, damansara utama... with fried chiken...

twosuperheroes said...

ok.. thanx :D... we will try to find that place :D ... its open 10am to 10 pm? rite?

twosuperheroes said...

wah..Superhero W is getting all excited already. :p