Saturday, November 17, 2007

War between Hitz.FM and FlyFM..!! (not to be missed!)

Oh...the two superheroes love juicy gossips! :p

Superhero S heard it no less than twice over Malaysia's No.1 Hit Station, Hitz.FM.

Now guys, if you listen to Hitz, you might have heard this radio ad by Hitz that sooooooooooooooooo obviously critisized FlyFM! Haha..! No kidding!

Cheers to Hitz! I love gutsy radio stations and their sarcasms.


Yup, that's what Hitz shouted to their listeners.
The ad goes something like this...there's a few versions actually. Here goes...

There's this guy (who sounded a lot like Jason Lo) who said that he was a listener of Hitz before switching to this *tut* FM 2 years ago. And after listening to *tut* FM, he started speaking English is a strange accent that turns ppl away...

And then..fastforward time, he thanked god that he switched to Hitz and finally started speaking decent perfect English again! :p

Well, how did I know they were hitting against Fly? Simple..

Fly celebrating their 2nd Flyniversary this year! Ta-da! :p

And the other version was a direct hit at FlyFM's big bang breakfast show which told Hitz listeners not to go for cheap imitations but go for Hitz's infamous morning crew instead!

They must be taking an aim at Phat Fabes since he was previously a famous personality at Hitz. :p

Ahhh...I love juicy radio gossips! Hehe..

We support Hitz...


Fly comes second best! :p


CY said...

Ah, I enjoy FLY more :D

Well well, to each his own. Have yet to realize myself speaking in a strange accent, much less turn people away xD

CY said...

So that's what superheroes do to fill their time... Listen to the radio :P

Somewhat like Peter Parker!!

Kavilan said...

as much as i love the morning crew, rudy and JJ CAN get a little bit too annoying sometimes...

twosuperheroes said...

cy, yup..superheroes listen to radios too! We're a bit more down to earth..No fancy fancy gadgets! :p

kavilan, yeah..they can get annoying at times, but I guess they are meant to play the baddies. The airwaves somehow love bad guys. Dunno y..! hehe. :p

Diane Hartmans said...

Well, I enjoy more..
But I still listen to Fly Fm when I just feel like nothing else to do.

And I always switch to Fly when the "Rickdees and The Weekly Top 40" show comes.

Man, I hate that Rickdees guy, he more suits to go to Light and Easy. He just makes me feel dead. And when he plays songs, the song's first lyrics are modified to prasing the Rick guy. It's annoying! ;P

twosuperheroes said...

Yup Diane..we don't listen to Rick Dees as well.. It was nice in the beginning, but then it kinda got really boring and all.. so tata to Rick Dees! haha.. :p