Monday, November 12, 2007

KFC Challenge @ The Mines..!!

The two superheroes continue their KFC Challenge "Search for good KFCs" with a visit to the Mines Shopping Fair!

Okay, we know the Mines isn't exactly a good place to start for a KFC search but well, what the heck..we initially went for the Domino's Pizza there but...

Damn! Our Domino's is no longer there! They closed down and their space has been taken over by none other than our favourite Kolonel!

This country really love their KFCs I tell you...

The KFC outlets all seem to be getting bigger & bigger each time! :p, we went for KFC and ordered our regular stuff - 2 snack plates (spicy) and cheezy wedges! Again, we weren't exactly putting in any hope because we really didn't quite like The Mines itself...

But yet again...the place has actually proven us wrong! The KFC is pretty good & crispy!! Wow.....! We were genuinely surprised you know... All the UPM students nearby must have given this outlet a huge boost in business.. :p

So, what can I say?

"Where are those cold, stale chickys when you're looking for them???"Hehe.. :p

KFC @ The Mines - accomplished!