Monday, November 19, 2007

Fight between Blogs - Round 16, 17 & 18 (Latest results!)

Okay okay...the two superheroes will update the latest results in our blog fight against problogger Andrew Ooi for the blog with the most visits in Nov (as measured with Sitemeter) in 3 back-to-back highlights!

Ting Ting! Round 16!

122 visitors over 121!

Two superheroes 122, Andrew Ooi 121! (superheroes WIN!)
Phew! close shave this one...
Andrew's visitor rate is surely getting more fast and furious now! :p

Ting Ting! Round 17!

172 visitors over 83!

Andrew Ooi 172, two superheroes 83! (superheroes lose!)
Okay..this is one BIG margin. He's back! With a vengence!

Ting Ting! Round 18!

113 visitors over 20!

Andrew Ooi 113, two superheroes 20! (superheroes lose!)
Okay, well..the two superheroes were out the whole day shopping.
So, Andrew truly deserves to win this one! :p
But thanks to the 20 visitors who came into our blog no less! Hehe. :p

So, with this, the fight for blog glory continues!