Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ever tried swimming in rice??

Since the two superheroes went over to Berjaya Times Square to feast on their Deepavali meal (not that they celebrate it anyway! :p) at Secret Recipe, they decided to jalan-jalan after such a wonderful meal to get our metabolism running...

Then we came across this "Kolam" at the concourse (Ground Floor) of the shopping mall. Absolutely beautiful art! This is one of the many things I like about Deepavali besides the food. Seeing such an attractive work of art somehow tempts me to tell Superhero W that, " think I can jump in there and swim around all the coloured rice ah?" :p

Wahhhhhh....cannot stand ah! It's soooooo tempting..ehheehehehe...And just then, Superhero W told me that he was once given the privilege to destroy a certain wonderful piece of Kolam art! Damn! Anyone got a Kolam I can swim in? *not the swimming pool ok..please ar...hehe.