Friday, November 9, 2007

About Secret Recipe - wanna know some secret?

With the spirit of Malaysians burning strongly within the two superheroes, they went to Secret Recipe @ Berjaya Times Square to celebrate Deepavali yesterday!! (and also to find out what makes their lamb stew so good!) *haha! :p
It's been quite a long time since we last had our Secret Recipe...

So, we were kinda looking forward for this! heheheheh...Nvm despite knowing that Times Sq would be flooded with lotsa ppl.. Aiya, parking also free!! (ngeh ngeh ngeh...! :p)

So, we ordered one of our all-time fav cakes, Chocolate Mud Cake (Oh.......Melts!), Secret Recipe's famous Irish Lamb Stew, and our fav Gourmet Pie! We had the cake first since that's the fastest to be sent to our table...hehe. Hey, despite being just 3 dishes for 2 person, it's seriously like a 3-course meal y'know??? Very very very filling!!

our all-time favourite - Gourmet Pie

What can I say abt the Mud Cake other than it's sooooooo chocolatey & "muddy" & delicious &....!! Haha. Then comes the big meal..

The lamb stew was extremely good..the stew was really thick (quality-lah!) and the meat was really tender; portion's really big too..! As for our pie, oh..! thick, hot soup hidden beneath the layer of croissant-like bread...simply "Mmmmmmmmmmm....!" :p

All for a little less than RM50.. okay-lahh...

But at the end of the day, I guess the secret in what makes the lamb stew so good is who you are eating it with! (Right? Superhero W??) *blush blush...

No longer a secret I suppose.. :p