Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Look Like A Pineapple Tart

Superhero S is close to looking like a pineapple tart soon.
After eating 2 large pineapple tarts daily for breakfast for 3 days in a row, and that's 6 pineapple tarts and counting...Superhero S was shocked when she saw her face turning into a pineapple tart!

Oh man!
This is no good.
4 more pineapple tarts to go...
(*shivers with fear)

Don't get the wrong idea.
Superhero S loves pineapple tarts. But being forced to eat them is different from wanting to eat when you really really honestly want to eat it.
But in order not to disappoint Superhero S's Mummy, those pineapple tarts must be consumed and not quietly or accidentally left to rot.

So, brace yourself Superhero S, just 2 more breakfasts to go. 4 pineapple tarts. You can do it!

*For people who have just returned from outer space who have never known of a pineapple tart, it is a pastry sort of food that has sweet, grinded pineapple (sort of jam-like but with pineapple fibres) as toppings. Pretty delicious when you actually have the mood for it la...

Don't worry mummy, I will finish the tarts even if my face is starting to look like a pineapple tart already!


L'abeille said...

You guys must have brought these pineapple from Malacca huh?

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah! my mum bought it from her friend who makes those. Quite yummy la..just that after you eat too much, and especially when you're not exactly in the mood to gets "bleak!" :p

superhero W said...

Hahaha.. today my superhero S forgot to eat it in the car.. hehehe.. L'abeille, u want some? later on, we email to u.. hahaha